My Turn as ‘The Hen’

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I have been working in the ‘Hens Party’ industry for over 6 years now. Always helping bridesmaids plan their best friends hens party and ensuring the night goes off without a hitch. BUT now it is my turn to sit back and let my best friends organise my hens party. I think they are a little nervous?!?! I mean, how do you plan a hens party for somebody that runs the hottest shirtless waiters and strippers in Cairns and operates party plan style adult toy parties Vixen Parties?

At first I didn’t want any of my guys there, why would I? They are my staff! BUT then I realised that the date we had chosen was the same date as the Ladies and Tradies Race Day at Cairns Jockey Club! Â The Races, what a perfect excuse to get dressed up, get my hair and make-up trials done and then party with all closest gal pals (all 45 of them lol). It would also be much easier than having to organise transport for that many girls to Mareeba to go to the Mud Park. The guests will also enjoy the finest Shirtless Waiters that FN Hot Cairns has to offer as they will be there for the event anyway!

So, while I am disappointed that I won’t be playing in the mud on mini army duck style vehicles (I’ll do that soon anyway) I am very excited that my hens party planning is underway! Even better news was that one of my bridesmaids that lives in Melbourne is making a special trip to Cairns for my Hens Party!

Now I just have to sit back and patiently wait for the hens day, I am counting down! 13th July 2013 is just not coming fast enough!

Who wants to come???